Back Street Birds
Back Street Birds
Jul 31, 2022 - Aug 07, 2022
Blockchain: Solana Solana

Exactly what are the Backstreet Birds, and why do they exist? In order to provide the first wave of music to the Solona ecosystem, Backstreet Birds has partnered up with music industry experts. Statement of Purpose: Our mission at Backstreet Birds is to provide up-and-coming musicians the tools they need to succeed in the music industry by bringing together the power of community, music, and Web3. 

How would you define success? First and foremost, Backstreet Records intends to be the first Solana-based record company. We want to work with up-and-coming musicians to help them improve their music with the aid of NFTs. Priority access to the artists' work and other perks will be provided to our holders. We're now in the process of finding our first artist, and we're eager to share this journey with our supporters.

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