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A Message from our Founder

A case for virtuous games

I am an avid gamer. I have played thousands of games in my lifetime. I have played games that I felt calm and relaxed and in higher spirits afterwards, and I have played games that I left with an angry, frustrated, or a darker soul. I have always wondered why game development is so detached from having a moral purpose. Is it too hard to develop games that are super fun and at the same time morally uplifting? As a developer, I figured out it actually is. 

It is much easier to develop the next run-of-the-mill shooter game with no storyline or moral purpose than to create a fun game with a deep storyline that promotes compassion and empathy. It is much easier to create a horror game playing on fears than a peace-promoting game embracing kindness, self-worth, and diversity. Fixing that problem is our mission. That’s our challenge. It is to bring fun and morality together in gaming. It is possible to create game universes that are massive, are fun to explore and play, are beautiful, have humorous characters, and have well-thought-out and meaningful stories. It’s just not the easiest path, but accomplishing something important has never been easy.

A case for the impact of virtual reality storytelling

Now, virtual reality is at its defining moment. It is a strong tool. It is the best medium ever created for storytelling. In fact, I believe storytelling will be its largest use case in the future. Just imagine walking into your favorite childhood stories or any universes you loved most, whether it’s Marvel universe, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or The Legend of Zelda.

Virtual reality is super immersive. It uses all of your senses. It provides groundbreaking opportunities for storytelling, and despite this massive potential, and despite so many smart and creative developers, the medium has mostly been used to develop purposeless, violent action, shooter, and horror games. It has left many people like me, who desire fun and yet meaningful games, hanging without many options. I see a future where you can choose the exceptional game universe of your choice whether it is a fantasy, historic, or sci-fi space, get immersed, have fun playing games for hours, and in the end, feel better and not worse.

A case for morally upstanding storytelling universes

So, we took the challenge. After developing a few smaller games, we created World of Mazes as our first morally upstanding and super fun game universe. Recently, we released two chapters of this game on Oculus Go, a VR headset with a tiny market that is going away. We used the Oculus Go as a test market. We did this to test if other people are as excited about such a game as we are, and it turned out they are, and they have long been waiting for such a game. We had amazing ratings and reviews from people who believed this was finally the first real game on the Oculus Go platform, or they couldn’t sleep at night thinking about the game, or were absorbed in the story itching to learn what comes next, or simply loved the game so very much.

So that was a defining moment for us, a real indicator that we not only have a worthwhile mission, but that it also has huge appeal and demand, and we decided to bring the World of Mazes to all important VR platforms and also to non-VR platforms such as mobile and PC. Why not give gamers the chance to play it on whatever platform they choose?

World of Mazes is the game universe that checkmarks all of our criteria. It is full of unexpected mysteries calling into you to unfold them, it is super fun, has challenging puzzles, lots of in-depth characters, humorous conversations, and mesmerizing environments. It also gives you a chance to be a part of something bigger and become a better person, a more compassionate one. You literally cry when you try to help one of our characters, the ghost of a dead kid with an unfinished business. And best of all, World of Mazes is a completely non-violent game. You can’t kill anyone or anything in this game. You must find other ways to progress.

World of Mazes is our first game universe. It is a massive universe with many games to come, and yet this is just a starting point. We want to create more chapters of the game for you, and we also want to bring more universes like World of Mazes to you. This is the future of storytelling; this is the future of virtual reality, and the future of virtuous games, games with a moral purpose, for us and for our future generations.