Reach Metaverse Land Sale
Reach Metaverse Land Sale
Jun 30, 2022 - Jul 07, 2022
Marketplace: CNFT CNFT
Blockchain: Cardano Cardano

Sale of Property on June 30th.

On the 20th, condo owners receive a 50% discount and early admission.

All whitelisted users gain access on June 25th and receive a 25% discount.

Property may be purchased in a public auction for 500 ADA.

The Reach Metaverse is a service built on the Reach Cloud infrastructure. We have created a planet nearly as large as Mars, with room for four continents. Eden, our first continent, will feature 25,000 acres of NFT land available for development on your terms. We've created a whole city for you to explore in Eden, complete with neighborhoods where you may buy and visit virtual condominiums using any modern computing device or virtual reality headset. Part of our future area in the Metaverse, West Eden, is available for exploration right now.

The land will be divided into many lots of varying sizes. Most portions will be 1 acre in size, with 10% being 3 acres, 7% being 5 acres, and 3% being 10 acres.

There will be five distinct types of terrain, each of which will be extremely rare. Grassland will make up 60%, sandy 20%, beach 10%, rocky 7%, and snowy 3%.

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