i3D Angels Official
i3D Angels Official
May 16, 2022 - May 23, 2022
Marketplace: OpenSea OpenSea
Blockchain: Polygon Polygon

Fundraising for Alpha Startups Alpha Startup Data is within my control.

Our utility NFTs change the way money is raised by allowing everyone to become a tokenholder right now.

What do you end up with?

1. Access Control: Your i3D Angel smart contract will be securely stored to provide you access to the data on our double-sided marketplace, which will provide you with vital insights into early-stage firms.

2. i3D Tokens: You will receive 2000 i3D Tokens through an airdrop, which you may use to trade with or bet on work in our i3D Arena for Careful Research once the protocol becomes live.

3. A stunning minting of an i3D Angel inspired by the notion of angel investing, consensus building, and the breakthrough in decentralized blockchain and crypto technology is included in our first public collection.

An owner of an i3D Angel NFT will get their allotment of the i3D Token after the entire mint is done, granting them access to the opposite side of the marketplace. I3D tokens can be traded or staked in the i3D Arena or i3D Rapid App for work, so they can be traded or staked in exchange for work.

In the i3D Protocol, our tokenomics provide fair distribution for safety and privacy.


Predicting the success of early-stage start-ups is difficult due to the lack of data and the inflated cost of robust, affordable, and non-biased due diligence. Investors, incubators, accelerators, banks, and venture funds have to spend a lot of time pre-screening a lot of opportunities.


1. The i3D Arena (webapp) allows anybody to register and do due diligence on a business using our proprietary techniques.

2. i3D Rapid (mobile), which employs gamification concepts, provides a fun and engaging approach to validate business ideas and solutions.

3. Scores are compiled using an algorithm to get a quick consensus about a business.

i3D Protocol Detail

i3D: Intelligent Distributed Due Diligence

The i3D Token, along with the i3D Angel NFT, is the gas for the whole i3D Protocol's engine. It serves as the basis for the token floor price and enables protocol participation.

Participants buy the token to keep it locked up while they work on the system. They get the tokens back plus additional tokens for work done after the task is completed and confirmed.

Users of the i3D Rapid App who help the network expand and validate obtain i3Dr incentive tokens, which they may utilize to get jobs. For new participants, they are returned to the treasury, and they are compensated with i3D Tokens for the job done.

PRESERVATION OF CAPITAL DESIGNED A public auction of i3D Tokens will take place at the Mainnet launch to establish a yield-generating fund. This transaction also introduces new people to the network.

The yield fund's returns are either utilized to:

1. Expand the fund and raise the token's floor price.

2. Invest in businesses that have been discovered through voting, or

3. To ensure price stability, buy back i3D Tokens from the market.

It's because of the i3D Token's architecture and the utility-based NFT that there is an OPEN and REINFORCING feedback loop that keeps the floor level and adds value to the i3D Protocol.

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