DJ Bufalo: 2 NFT Cards
DJ Bufalo: 2 NFT Cards
May 06, 2022 - May 13, 2022

"Futuristic Western Music" is the new genre formed by Parisian DJ and producer Bufalo, who draws inspiration from the "Far West" culture and blends Country, Folk, Deep House, and House. Propaganda by Atlanticus Music is a blockchain and Web3-inspired exclusive music.

Both rebirth and growth are espoused in this document, as are the past's excesses. Using a catchy speech recomposed from various words and samples, as well as a powerful guitar melody and electronic guitar riffs, this composition of Futuristic Western Music offers a unique take on Western music.


In addition to these advantages, the "Super Rare Card" has a supply of just 21 units:

  • There is complete listening as well as artwork.
  • In this video, you'll learn how to create music.
  • Decentraland's wearable BFL Cowboy Hat.
  • This is a private Discord music channel for members only.

In auctions only, the "1/1 Unique Card" grants the holder all the "Super Rare Card" content as well as the following extra advantages:

  • In addition to the Propaganda NFT, each subsequent owner will receive an animated video.
  • NFT Cowboy Trench Coat for Decentraland in BFL style.

To learn more, visit Atlanticus Music.

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