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Top 7 Oculus Go Games of All Time – IGeeKphone China Phone, Tablet PC, VR, RC Drone News, Reviews

Although virtual reality has steadily gained momentum in recent years, with increased popularity, the overwhelming consensus seems to point towards 2020 as being a breakthrough moment both for VR as an explorable medium.

World of Mazes – An Immersive Escape to Episodic Storytelling – ASMZine

Welcome to the stage, World of Mazes, Chapters 1 & 2. But first, a little context. In truth, Virtual reality gaming is still mostly in its infancy. Even so, many of the game industry’s most esteemed developers have been wanting in on the action. Thus, flocking, in their droves, to work with this newly emerging, […]

World of Mazes, The Future of VR Storytelling

The gaming industry has gone through evolution in the last few years, the modern games have become more realistic and fun to play. Game developers are now working on games to make them more immersive and for that Virtual Reality is an ideal option. The VR Gaming industry is growing at fast pace and it […]

World of Mazes – A VR Episodic Adventure and a Must-Play of 2020 – IGeeKphone China Phone, Tablet PC, VR, RC Drone News, Reviews

Adventure gaming has always been a genre that broke new grounds for the entire industry, but most of the games did so quietly and without too much fanfare.

World of Mazes is the free VR adventure game you need to play – DemotiX

While World of Mazes might be alternatively called Saving Princess Maya, there is no alternative for this slightly untraditional adventure game. When we think about adventure games, the story is rarely the main focus. Instead, we expect to be presented with lots of puzzles.

World of Mazes A Must Play Adventure Game for Virtual Reality

If you’re tired of playing gimmicky VR games that lack a cohesive story or engaging then is definitely the game you’re looking for. Rather than pushing the limits of Virtual Reality, World of Mazes embraces the limitations and creates a complete experience that can actually be called a game rather than a walking simulator which most VR experiences are.

World of Mazes Brings the Best of Puzzles and Storytelling to VR | SaveDelete

World of Mazes is one of the exciting prospects of Virtual Reality. The product of RiseAngle, Inc. is focused on developing projects that inhabit the essence of immersive storytelling. To be a forefront runner in the evolution of the future of VR, World of Mazes introduces various gameplay techniques and strategies.

World of Mazes: An Immersive VR Experience

In short, World of Mazes- Episode 1 (Chapters 1 & 2), a game developed and published by RiseAngle, Inc. is a unique interactive experience that combines puzzle solving, exploration and RPG elements. The result of which conjures up an atmospheric …