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World of Mazes is One of a Kind Adventure Game Series Coming to Mobile Devices

Are you tired of the same old games that keep on popping up on the App Store or Google Play? Then, you need to learn more about the World of Mazes . It is one of a kind adventure game series that is coming to mobile devices soon.

Everything You Need to Know About World of Mazes, RiseAngle’s VR Fantasy Adventure Game

RiseAngle’s VR Fantasy Adventure Game Introduction The virtual reality space is an intriguing one when it comes to gaming. On one hand, we know the potential the technology holds yet on the other, there are tons of limitations that seem to put people off. This has led plenty of

Gaming with a Moral Purpose: RiseAngle’s World of Mazes

While the VR market is seeing a surge in game releases, it’s easy to view much of its catalogue as having a singular purpose-entertainment. However over the last few years the team at RiseAngle have been attempting to surpass this norm, injecting morally uplifting and righteous messages into their largest project to date entitled World […]

World of Mazes, The Crown Jewel of VR Storytelling, Comes to More Platforms

Those who are already familiar with the World of Mazes universe will be happy to know their favorite story-driven VR game will be coming to more platforms. In an interview, Kaveh Vahdat, Founder and CEO of RiseAngle, confirmed that developing World of Mazes for more platforms is in the works.

World of Mazes: An Episodic Adventure in the Mazes Universe | The American Reporter

The magic of a great video game is that it builds a world apart from our own that becomes inextricably linked with a player’s experience of the game. Some call this making the world itself a character, but no matter what the exact term is, the broader notion that a game world can evoke powerful …

RiseAngle Promotes Morally Upstanding Storytelling Through World of Mazes Game Series – South Florida Reporter

Immersion is very important when it comes to games and new companies such as RiseAngle are revolutionizing and innovating a new genre of game that will hopefully gain more traction as time passes. The shift from normalized stories to storylines that are meaningful and have purpose are important, and should be marked as the next innovative gaming genre.

World of Mazes, a Must-Play Episodic Adventure Game, Coming to Mobile Devices and High-End VR

Video games are now much more than just something to play or kill some time. A strong narrative is now more present than ever before in the gaming industry, and World of Mazes sets a great example for this.

World of Mazes Sets a Great Example for Immersive Storytelling

Every year we get to see hundreds, if not thousands, of new games being released across all platforms. So it only makes sense that it’s hard to stand out from the rest of them. You’d either have to be a AAA game, a console exclusive, or belong to a popular franchise altogether.

World of Mazes: Chapter 1 Review: A Wonderful Puzzle Adventure Game With a Real Story to Follow

Developed by RiseAngle Inc, World of Mazes is a new interesting maze game that combines otherworldly encounters with strange mazes. Players go through an extensive number of planets, meeting new creatures, making allies, and exploring. Every single planet that the player travels to has a different maze, each with their own creatures, quests, and other entities to explore.