World of Mazes – Episode 1

World of Mazes is now available on Oculus Store for Oculus GoGear VR, and Oculus Rift!
World of Mazes AKA Saving Princess Maya is an episodic, VR adventure game with a focus on innovative immersive storytelling based on an internally-developed original IP. 
Unlike traditional adventure games that are mostly puzzle games with limited stories, World of Mazes is a game where the story is the main element yet it progresses by solving challenging puzzles. Players feel immersed in a fantasy world where they follow the story by meeting deep-personality characters, having engaging and humorous conversations, exploring mysterious levels and getting to know their unique residents and rules, collecting and combining items, and solving various puzzles.
The story begins in an unknown realm where Princess Maya has been kidnapped, and her loyal servant, Gelayon, has been thrown in the dark mazes. The player, trapped in the same environment, joins forces with Gelayon to escape. As the story progresses, it engages the player intellectually and emotionally to feel compassion toward the characters and try to help them. Along the way the player figures out that he/she is an important part of an ancient prophecy…
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World of Mazes
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