VR Game Development Company


Kaveh is both the game designer and producer of World of Mazes. (Weird! Right?) He is a game industry veteran with a track record that includes creating a successful game company in the years of 2003-2007. (In game industry years, that qualifies him as a dinosaur.) He likes playing games (duh!), working out (that’s odd), reading books, and hanging out with friends. His greatest personal achievement is looking straight down when jumping out of an aircraft for skydiving without being scared (he says so… we don’t believe him!)


Cody is the technical lead and a developer of World of Mazes. He has developed and published numerous games. He’s accumulated a couple of awards from different game dev competitions he’s entered in his free time (we try to keep it from going to his head). Recently, he married his high school sweetheart and they spend their weekends biking, exploring, and watching movies (not the scary ones though, Cody is easily frightened). He’s proud that he recently worked up the courage to try indoor skydiving (we tell him it’s just like Kaveh’s experience, but it’s not).


Milan is a developer of World of Mazes. He’s created over 20 games so far (5 in VR). When he’s not coding games, he likes to play games coded by other people. He keeps telling people that he climbed the highest hill in their city in under 5 hours (though the last time he left his room was one year ago). He likes to think he’s a table tennis pro (you be the judge!), and believes A.I. will eat us all (“rule the world” is how he puts it).


Zura is a 3D artist of World of Mazes. He has worked in the gaming industry for about 4 years now, developing many games on different platforms. He is a veteran METALHEAD with over 15 years of listening to metal. For the first half of every day, he thinks deeply about whether he loves playing video games or his electric guitar more, and for the other half he works. His personal biggest achievement is getting out of bed in the morning.

Other Team Members

Rasto and Rene have worked on 2D and 3D artwork of the game, Gina, KJ, Jacquelyn, and Collin have worked on voice-overs, sound effects, and music, and Amandine has tested the game.