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World of Mazes

Welcome to the dreamy and mysterious World of Mazes! Get ready to embark on a journey to search for a lost princess, escape the dark mazes, solve challenging puzzles, and meet inspiring, strange, and humorous characters along the way!

The World of Mazes universe is like no other, a very special set of planets with strange connectivity rules, where each planet is a maze and the only way to travel from one maze to another is through teleport portals. As you find yourself in this magical universe and in a dark maze, you feel necessary to escape; a dark maze hasn’t been your most favorite travel destination after all, and who knows why you are here!? But if escaping were easy; you don’t know where you will end up each time you use a teleport gate, and there is no comprehensive map of this world anywhere. If there are many mazes in this universe with various residing creatures, why has no-one ever been able to map it out?

As you explore this faraway universe, you notice that each maze is unique, with its own inhabitants, quests, and missions, but also a grander scheme of things is in play. You seem to have a role in this world, a purpose, and you feel you are being watched. You need to understand the unwritten rules of this puzzling environment. Maybe there is some logic to all the craziness. You need to figure out how to survive and escape, find and befriend allies, help them solve their problems so they may help you in return, find or craft peculiar items, solve challenges and puzzles, and trade using ancient coins; a seemingly universal monetary system in the world of mazes.

Now, you are a human being after all; do you kill creatures or people in the real world when you face a challenge? For most sane people, the answer is no. World of Mazes may be a fantasy universe, but you are a real person thrown out there with a mission. You have your moral standards, so you can’t kill or be violent simply because you deal with a dangerous environment. And somehow, you are part of a bigger picture, a prophecy, a mission to grow personally as you unravel the story, unwind the complexities, and have fun along the way. World of Mazes universe is a virtuous universe, a unique blend of fun and moral uprightness, something you can barely find in interactive experiences or games these days. Why? Because it is extremely difficult to create games, fantasy worlds, and universes that are super fun and have a moral purpose at the same time. So most companies take the easy route, but opting for the easier path isn’t always the most fun or rewarding.

World of Mazes universe is your escape to a beautiful mysterious world with deep characters, humorous conversations, unique puzzles, interesting items, and beautiful environments to explore and enjoy! Get immersed in the world of mazes, enjoy the current and upcoming games, be a savior, develop empathy towards characters you meet, and let this journey make you a better person, for the sake of World of Mazes, and for the sake all other universes, maybe even the one you started your journey from!