Jigsaw Puzzle VR

Jigsaw Puzzle VR

For the first time ever, you can enjoy playing jigsaw puzzles in real 3D and in VR. Jigsaw Puzzle VR is a highly appealing game for every gender and age and a real catch for jigsaw puzzle fans. Enjoy playing 25 different puzzles from fantasy characters to cars to animals. Start a relaxing game with easy mode and challenge yourself all the way to hard mode created for hardcore puzzle fans. Finally, have fun playing the game in eye-catching environments designed to immerse you in the gameplay.

Jigsaw Puzzle VR for Gear VR on Oculus Store

Jigsaw Puzzle VR – Super Fun Virtual Reality Game for Gear VR

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Player Reviews

“If you like jigsaw puzzles, this game is a must play. Environments are rich and beautiful. The game is intuitive to play. Harder levels are more interesting if you are a gamer, and finishing some of the more difficult ones is really satisfying.”

“…A pretty cool game for family, a nice reminder of Jigsaw Puzzle Games you were playing in childhood…”

“Good puzzle game with nice graphics and very interesting to play in Hard Level. All the animations are excellent to see.”

“The game has multiple levels and I could choose if I wanted to play an easy level or a more difficult level. Graphics was Great, very easy to understand! I love the way game is designed because it is very user friendly! Great game!”

And many more…

Jigsaw Puzzle VR
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