Coin Billionaire AR

Coin Billionaire AR

Coin Billionaire AR is now available on Apple Store!

The best AR Game for iPhone, Coin Billionaire AR, is a unique strategy augmented reality game with innovative AR game mechanics. 

Coin Billionaire AR is our exciting augmented reality game using ARKIT. In this unique AR strategy game, blending the boundaries of physical and virtual world, you will get to plant your coins in the physical world, and protect them from various incoming dangers!

Plant your coins in the real world, protect the coins and their offspring against various dangers, and come home richer, in this innovative AR game, available on iPhone 6s and higher models. 
Gain experience and level up to unlock new coins of higher value, encounter more fierce dangers, grow rich faster, and become the richest billionaire!
Using unique game mechanics, Coin Billionaire AR is a fast-paced strategy game for those who want to challenge their focus and speed reaction skills. If you like augmented reality, strategy, money making, or tower defense games, you will enjoy Coin Billionaire AR. Download and install the AR game today on your iPhone and enjoy hours of fun!
Please Note; Coin Billionaire AR is free to download and play; however, some game items can also be purchased for real money.

AR Game – Coin Billionaire AR – Strategy Augmented Reality Game for iPhone

Coin Billionaire AR is an innovative AR Strategy game developed by RiseAngle, Inc. using ARKIT and available on Apple Store for iPhones 6s and higher. The game benefits from unique augmented reality game mechanics and is a great choice for fans of strategy games, money making games, and tower defense games Coin Billionaire AR: A Fantastic AR Strategy Game Coin Billionaire AR is a snazzy free AR strategy game exclusively crafted by RiseAngle.

– AR game that combines playing in the real world with decision making on the familiar 2D menu.
– Strategic decisions that affect your chance of collecting coins in each game. 
– Fast-paced and intense games that each take a few minutes to play and make it a great casual game for your free time.
– Protect your coins against upcoming dangers similar to tower defense games but using a unique game mechanics
– Experience and level-up system that allows for use of new features such as spells, new coins to plant, grow, and collect, and interesting dangers with unique personalities and characteristics. 
– Richest billionaire leaderboard to compete with and compare yourself against other players.