AI Generated Game: Packaged Up

by Lionel Venerate Putrawan

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Packaged Up - AI Generated Story

John Z. Schmidt is found dead in a package, prompting his ghost, Johnathan Schmidt, to seek out his killer. Johnathan begins his investigation by visiting the first suspect, Togi Mayan, a shady individual with a motive to harm John Z. Schmidt. Although Togi denies any involvement in the murder and claims to have an alibi, Johnathan remains skeptical. Moving on to the next suspect, Roffus Colop, a rival businessman in fierce competition with John Z. Schmidt, Johnathan confronts him. Roffus appears nervous and evasive, unable to provide a solid alibi, furthering Johnathan's suspicions. Feeling frustrated, Johnathan enlists the help of Officer JJ, a seasoned detective known for solving complex cases. Together, they gather evidence and question the remaining suspects, leading them to Digger P. Kol, a violent thief with a history of grudges against John Z. Schmidt. Despite interrogating Digger, they cannot extract any useful information. As their leads run dry, they turn to the final suspect, Stiffintor the Dog - John Z. Schmidt's loyal companion. Stiffintor reveals that he witnessed the murder and explains that Roffus Colop was the culprit, revealing his attempt at alerting John Z. Schmidt to no avail. Armed with this new information, Johnathan and Officer JJ confront Roffus again, and he ultimately confesses to the murder out of jealousy and a desire to eliminate his competition. With justice served, Johnathan bids farewell to the world of the living, avenging his own death and leaving behind a tale of intrigue, betrayal, and the unwavering loyalty of a four-legged friend.

Lionel Venerate Putrawan