VR Game Development Company

NFT Games

We are excited to announce that we have been working on a groundbreaking metaverse of NFT games, secrets, and stories. Stay tuned as we gradually announce more details about the metaverse in the next few months! Here is a sneak peek:      

  • An exploration journey to an ever-expanding fantasy metaverse of mazes with secrets to unravel, new games to play, NFT rewards to collect and use.

  • As you dive deeper into the unknowns and gain access to an infinite number of exploration possibilities, some of your NFTs are the key to unlocking new games, features, stories, secrets, and opportunities for obtaining other NFTs.

  • Your NFTs are fully owned by you, can be used to progress in the game, can be kept as collectibles, and can be sold/traded outside of the game on NFT marketplaces.