May 29, 2022 - Jun 05, 2022
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The Meta Salvation XX is a high-end NFT collection that is kept on the blockchain of the Ethereum network. The narrative of the project is intertwined with the setting of the post-apocalyptic novel and has 10,000 different female characters. The gamification level and the experience that the owner has are both essential components of the project. For further information, please visit CREATIVE DIRECTION FOR OUR PROJECT IN THE YEAR 2020. The entire planet has been struck by a VIRUS PANDEMIC OF GREAT PROPORTIONS. The entire globe is currently experiencing a severe crisis on several fronts, including health, ethics, politics, and the economy. There have been major shifts in the global landscape recently, and now World War III has begun. Because of the virus and the conflict, the total population of the globe has dropped by more than 80% in only the past five years. In the annals of history, these 5 years are referred to as "THE PERIOD OF GREAT CHAOS."

YEAR 2025.

This is the conclusion of World War III and all other wars and conflicts throughout the world. All the disagreements that existed between the countries have been resolved, and there is now complete peace. The goal of society is to achieve development in all aspects of existence; UTOPIA after the presence of evil and suffering. There is just one country left now that the globe has become globalized: EARTH. Everyone who lives here shares the same objective: to leave behind a planet fit for our offspring. A new epoch of sustainable growth and life has begun for the entirety of civilization as well as for the entirety of the planet: "THE NEW AGE."

 YEAR 2030.

IMPORTANT WARNING! It has been determined that members of the populace were subjected to infiltration by people of alien origin. It was also determined that an external element is responsible for the GREAT CHAOS that has been occurring. The major objective is to be ready for the coming of the settlers and the total colonization of the EARTH for the purpose of extracting resources from it. That indicates: "TOTAL WAR."

 YEAR 2035.

The conquerors have established authority over the majority of the planet, and the planet is in disarray as a result. INCREDIBLE BATTLE. The finish line is almost in sight... "ALL MEN MUST DIE."

 YEAR 2040.

The end of the world as we know it has finally arrived. The phrase "Modern Noah's Ark" refers to a spaceship that has been constructed with the utmost care and attention to detail in order to be habitable for a population of 10,000 women with a wide range of professional backgrounds. This is the last thing that we have left. It is imperative that we proceed further into the unknown. A NEW BEGINNING. That is the meaning of our: "ONLY HOPE."


May 29th | Meta Salvation XX SALE

Date: May 29, 2022.

Price: 0.02 ETH


  • WIN WORLD-FAMOUS NFTs A comprehensive gaming experience that includes a lottery.

June | Meta Salvation XY

July | Meta Salvation TOKEN

  • Make new content available in the Meta Salvation World.

July | Meta Salvation REVENGERS

  • Owners of Meta Salvation XX and Meta Salvation XY are eligible for a FREE CLAIM.

SOON | Meta Salvation STORE

ABOUT COLLECTION is the name of a clothing brand.

  • A collection of premium NFT items.
  • 10,000 distinct Avatars.
  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Metadata uploaded to IPFS

Hand-drawn Traits

  • 37 x Hairstyles
  • 36 x Outfits
  • 24 x Accessories
  • 22 x Eyes
  • 20 x Lips
  • 21 x Backgrounds
  • 6 x Skin

Generated Traits

  • 204 x Characters
  • 13 x Professions
  • 12 x Horoscopes
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